Syedi Saleh bhaisaheb Safiuddin saheb

Syedi Hussain bhaisaheb Husamuddin saheb

Shahzada Dr. Yusuf bhaisaheb Najmuddin, Amirul Jameatus Saifiyah, paid visits to Dubai at various stages of the construction wok. He put at the disposal of Dubai Jama'at his vast experience of fatemi architecture and design and through his discourses strengthen the will of the community to achieve its aspirations. 

Shahzada Qasim bhaisaheb Zainuddin visitng Masjid and Madrasa.


Shahzada Aliasger bhaisaheb Kalimuddin at the masjid site.

Shahzada Abbas bhaisaheb Nooruddin seen with Awqaf Ministry (Islamic Affairs) officials at the construction site.

Shahzada Qaid Johar bhaisaheb Izzuddin was sent to Dubai to guide the Jama'at and the community in the construction and other activities. Shahzada saheb inspecting the progress. Partly finished shops can be seen.

In 1396H, during the presence of Shahzada Mufaddal bhaisaheb Saifuddin, final negotiations for the site took place.

Shahzada saheb was instrumental in inspiring and encouraging the community for the new Masjid.In 1397H, the foundation ceremony of the Masjid was performed at the hands of Shahzada Qusai bhaisaheb Vajihuddin.